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PTS Auto Club

Let PTS Auto Club help you when you’re stranded on the road!


Explore ALL 
your benefits 

PTS Auto Club is proud to off you benefits including tow, lock-out service, flat tire, and battery charge. Other benefits also include money saving benefits and extra value. 

Tow, Lock-Out Service, Flat Tire, & Battery Charge

Pick the towing service you prefer and we’ll reimburse you for those expenses based on your plan.

Additional Money Saving Benefits

Your plan comes with so much more than just Tow/Lock/Battery/Tire Reimbursement! Your Plan Offers:

  • AT&T Discount
  • Prescription Discount Card
  • Rental Car/Travel Discounts
  • Emergency Travel Expense
  • And More!

Extra Value

Does your Auto Club do all this:

  • Stolen Automobile Reward?
  • Cash for Traffic Court Defense?
  • Bail Bond?

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PROGRAM details 

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